Culver City Dog Park - How to get your dog a license

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How to get your dog a license

The Boneyard is Open from
Sunrise until 10:00 PM Daily
We Have Lights!!


Be Prepared: Only licensed dogs are allowed in Off-Leash Dog Parks everywhere and, by law, all dogs must be licensed. We want to help you through this process, so look no further!
View Dog licensing requirements

This information is for Culver City Residents only (including the Los Angeles 90066 Culver City residents). If you live in another area, you'll need to be locate where to send your license application and how much it will cost. Contact your City Hall Information Office for assistance. As long as your well-behaved and vaccinated dog is licensed in the city where you reside you are welcome to bring him or her to the Boneyard.

New Dog and Cat License Requirements!

Without identifying information, pets separated from their human companions cannot be reunified with their families. Each year, many more puppies and kittens are born than can be adopted. To help resolve these issues, Culver City is launching Project ARF-Culver City's new in-house licensing program. On July 1, 2007, all dogs and cats must be licensed. To be licensed, each pet must be (1) vaccinated, (2) spayed/neutered, and (3) micro-chipped.

Annual License fees: $20/dog and $10/cat.
Checks or cash only at clinics!
For pet licensing forms or exemption forms,  please go to  and click on the links from that page.

More information by calling City Hall at 310-253-6143.

Shalom says:  Don't forget to license your dogs!

Shalom says: Don't forget to license your dogs!

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