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The Boneyard is Open from
Sunrise until 10:00 PM Daily
We Have Lights!!

Friends of the Culver City Dog Park

Friends of the Culver City Dog Park THANKS

its Many Donors for their Support



Bulletin Board in the Small (1) and Large (1) Dog Area

      CITY OF ANGELS     Veterinary Specialty Center


Bulletin Board at the Boneyard Entrance (1)

      VCA Animal Hospitals

Water Fountain (2)

  • Friends of Adam Sandler (In Memory of Meatball)
  • Ann D. Alexander (Ashley & Alex's Watering Hole)

General Major Donation


  • PetSmart Inc.


  • Faith Mantooth, Doggie Central
  • Shirley Lewis, California Groomin'
  • American Health Solutions Pharmacy
  • David, Lynn, Marlowe & Cheyenne Garel (In memory of Dakota-Forever Loved, Forever Missed)
  • Gretchen Bailey & Brian Zydiak (Ginger's Bench)
  • Chelsea Shure & Andrew Lientz
  • Greenberg & Glusker (2 benches)
  • Friends of Bonnie Shack (Beloved Mother of Clyde & Tulip)
  • Jean B. and Ray Cassetta

Shade Trees

  • Greg Dallal & Family (In memory of David Dallal & Cubby Bear)
  • Michele & Mitchell Walman (RE/Max Culver City)
  • Westfield Fox Hills Shopping Mall
  • Nestle Purina Pet Care
  • Hal, Danny & Courtney Klopper; Pam & Jeff Hiserodt (In memory of David & Shirley Klopper)
  • Pam & Jeff Hiserodt (Always in Our Hearts, Forever in Our Memories: Gene Ð Husband & Father; Dennis Ð Son & Brother; Loved by Pam & Jeff)
  • Nissan Motor Corporation USA & the FCCDP Board of Directors Jeff Cooper, Dr. Dean Gebroe, Rich Kissel, Emily MacRae, Amy Morgenstern, Peggy Okuneff, Peter Vogel & Michael Whitaker (In honor of Vicki Daly Redholtz)
  • The Family of Todd Siegal (In memory of Todd Siegal)
  • Kathy Lichtman (In memory of Beverly Violin)
  • Caroline H. Hanna & Friends (In memory of Lhasa)
  • Judy Levitow and Russell Johnston
  • Kimberly Hoover (In memory of Pongo and Bob)
  • In Honor of Karen Ibara & Stan Furmanski

Our Sincere Thanks Goes Out To All Our Supporters!

Clyde and Tulip on the bench honoring the memory of their loving mother, Bonnie Shack. This bench was donated in Bonnie's memory by friends, many of whom she met at The Boneyard.
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